About Feroplast

About Feroplast

FEROPLAST was established as completely privately owned, modern-organized company back in 1983, with a vision to become significant manufacturer of process equipment and equipment under pressure.

Very soon after its establishment, FEROPLAST has become esteemed manufacturer, based on the scope and quality of various components and assemblies from wide area of process equipment and equipment under pressure. All our products comply with the highest demands of current standards and provisions and with their high quality, they guarantee reliable work in various, very complex working conditions. In the light of such work, FEROPLAST has grown to be verified, reliable and eligible partner for those who deal with processes and thermoenergetics.

FEROPLAST has adopted all principles of good engineering practice and that’s why production process, which accomplishes and maintains constant quality level, has been established. In order to accomplish these principles, modern technology of machine processing and process controlling by modern equipment has been introduced, as well as the final protection by plastification.

FEROPLAST wanted to entirely introduce the customers with the quality which is achieved on its products. That is shown in the best way through reliable Quality Management system ISO 9001 and further regular tests performed by authorized institution. For this certification, we have chosen esteemed international authorized institution TÜV Rheinland InterCert Kft.

Manufacturing Programme

(All products which fall under implementation of PED 1 or Book of Regulations about… 2 are in compliance with the demands which can apply on them.)

  • Butterfly valves,
  • Actuators for butterfly valves,
    • Manual lever drive,
    • Manual geared drive,
    • Electric actuators,
    • Pneumatic actuators,
    • Device for signaling the position,
  • Sliding compensators type MDK and MDP,
  • Telescopic compensators type TCK,
  • Swinging check valves,
  • Non-return valves with counterweight,
  • Above-ground hydrant,
  • Universal thread valves for asbestos pipe, type 01,
  • Universal thread valves for asbestos pipe, type 02,
  • Device for drilling the pipeline,
  • Flap valves,
  • Suction strainers,
  • Fittings in steel welded construction up to 2000 mm (in diameter),
  • Steel flanges,
  • Rubber seals,
  • Provide machining services up to 2000 mm (in diameter).

1 EU Directive for Equipment under Pressure 97/23/EC PED.
2 Book of Regulations on technical conditions for construction, manufacture and evaluation of equipment under pressure (Official Gazette of Republic of Serbia, No.87/11).