Dismantling Piece

FEROPLAST MDK dismantling piece is used as a component of a pipeline that can resolve differences in lengths of the sections of the pipeline. The project cannot predict the exact length of certain sections the pipeline due to a variety of conditions that occur on the field, during construction. All deviations up to 50 mm (± 25 mm) can be successfully solved by installing prefabricated pieces. Installation is very simple, assembling-disassembling piece is placed between the flanges of the pipeline, the bolts are released on the flange seal sliding circuit and the required length is set, then all nuts are tightened. Screws and nuts which tighten the seal sliding compound are at the same time also screws which tighten flange of the pipeline and are standard for the appropriate DN and PN.

Size of dismantling piece is determined by standard sizes DN and PN, whereas the basic dimensions and mounting lengths are given in the tables.

Advantages of construction: Dismantling piece is made of welded construction, consisting of a connecting flange, tightening gasket flange and the body of two standard tubes sliding in each another to adjust the length. Gasket sliding part is made of high quality elastomer with a specific profile that allows reliable sealing of the sliding joint. For connection to the pipeline no special bolts and nuts are needed – dismantling piece is shipped with screws that are long enough even in the maximum stretched position for joining with the pipeline flanges. Screws are combined with the corresponding nuts. Bolting have the dimensions and strength class standards envisaged for flanged connections.

Working conditions:

  • Installation:
    ends with flanges and bolts to connect the pipeline flanges,
  • Nominal sizes:
    DN 40 … DN 1200,
  • Nominal pressure:
    PN 10, PN 16 and PN 25,
  • Temperature:
    for the EPDM seal, -30oC … +140oC,
  • Operating fluid:
    water or other fluid non-aggressive to carbon steel and EPDM,
  • Installation position:
    arbitrary, according to the conditions of the pipeline.

Testing: At the end of the production each of dismantling pieces is pressure-tested according to standard EN 12266-1, P10 and P11 (strength and tightness of the housing).

Materials: In the basic version, the connecting flanges and tightening flanges are made of carbon steel, the body of the pipes of non-alloy steel, bolts and nuts are normal range of strength according to EN 1515 to 1.2 (a combination of 8.8/8).

All surfaces of dismantling pieces are protected with a plastic coating layer thickness of at least 250 microns. Bolts and nuts are protected with a zinc layer of at least 12 microns.

On demand: Dismantling pieces can be made of other materials, the connecting flange dimensions can be other shapes and according to other standards, gasket and screws and nuts can be made from other materials. Dismantling pieces can also be made for other nominal pressures and with other/larger mounting lengths.