Quality Policy

Determination of customers is what decides upon the fate of FEROPLAST on the market, thus also on the existence and material welfare of its employees. Therefore, the vital function of FEROPLAST has to be fulfillment of expectations and demands of the customers.

Given the fact that expectations and demands of the customers are changing rapidly and become higher, FEROPLAST also has to constantly improve all those processes within the company which affect the efficient fulfillment of expectations and demands of the customers.

In order to implement the above mentioned, we:

  • Set quality goals,
  • Identify processes which influence product quality and which ensure the best effectiveness and efficiency of products,
  • Determine the criteria for measurement of efficiency and effectiveness of working processes which affect product quality.

Feroplast will periodically review the set up quality goals in order to improve the system of quality management and fulfillment of customers’ demands.

Demands and expectations of customers must be clearly identified and efficiently implemented. The key role in this is given to HR management, Sales-contracting process, Process of designing and development of products, Purchase of Raw material, intermediate product and parts necessary for production and Production process along with assembling, in the given order.

Constant improvements of products and processes which influence the product quality imply also constant development of technical and PR knowledge of the employees about FEROPLAST products and their market competitors, as well as constant improvement of the procedures in regards to product quality, which, as a consequence, have constant learning and training of the employees through seminars, courses, fairs, cooperation with universities.

The above mentioned activities will be implemented through quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008 standard as an instrument whose aim is to pursue constant improvements of products and processes which affect customers’ satisfaction.