Description: FEROPLAST has established a program of manufacturing flanges for pipes which could be able to complete the delivery of fittings and other components of the pipeline from the whole production program. The program includes the production of steel flanges, which are made by processing of plate material and round bars in accordance with current standards.

Basic program of flanges contains three types of flanges:

  • Plate flange for welding directly to the pipe,
  • Loose plate flange:
    • Single one, for mounting on the tube with lapped pipe end (type 33), for mounting to the weld ring neck for welding the tube (type 35), pressed collar with long neck (type 36) or pressed collar with short one (type 37),
    • Weld-on plate collar set with weld ring neck that is welded to the tube (type 32),
  • Blind flange.

All types of flanges from the basic program, types of sealing surfaces and appropriate measures are in accordance with the current requirements of EN 1092-1 standards for steel flanges. Overview of the basic production program is shown in Table 1 whereas the types of sealing surfaces with dimensions and labels regarding standard are shown in Table 2.


In accordance with the requirements of EN 1092-1, flanges of the basic program are made of the following materials:

  • Steel S235JR (1.0038), according to standard EN 10025-2, material groups 1E1,
  • Steel P265GH (1.0425), according to standard EN 10028-2, material groups 3E0.

FEROPLAST requires from the supplier of the base material that every delivery has to be accompanied by a quality certificate of materials in accordance with standard EN 10204:

  • For a group of materials 1E1: certificate a type 2.1,
  • For a group of materials 3E0: certificate a type 3.1.

On demand:

FEROPLAST can deliver the types of flanges which are shown in Table 1, according to the customer requirements in the following variations:

  • All types of flanges from the basic production program with other types of sealing surfaces according to standard EN 1092-1,
  • All types of flanges from the basic production program made of a material from other groups according to standard EN 1092-1,
  • Types of flanges with types of sealing surfaces made of appropriate materials in accordance with ASME B16.5,
  • Other flange shapes and dimensions as requested, within the technological possibilities of the production process.