Telescopic Compensators

FEROPLAST TCK telescopic compensator is a very important component of the pipeline and is intended to compensate for variations in the length of certain sections of the pipeline. Sliding connection of two pipes is reliably sealed and skating is continuous in accordance with the changes in temperature of the working fluid and environment where the pipeline is.

Important characteristic of FEROPLAST TCK telescopic compensator is that is can only be used for compensation axial linear dimensions and clean angular axial deviation pipeline sections. Any radial deviations are not permitted. Built compensator has all characteristics of a pipeline that is installed on because the slip fit smaller diameter pipe corresponds to the diameter of the standard tube.

Mounting lengths of telescopic compensator in the middle position are given on the sketch and in the table in the technical data section and they are the same for pressures PN 10, PN 16 and PN 25. The size of compensation is always ± 50 mm from the center position as shown in the sketch. Connecting dimensions of flanges correspond to EN 1092-1 for the appropriate DN and pressure PN.

Advantages of construction: Telescopic compensator is made of welded construction. Connection flanges and the sealing tightening flange are made of structural steel and both pipes are standard pipes of non-alloy steel. Profiled sealing ring is made of high quality EPDM elastomer and it lies in the tightening flanges in recess of a specific form. The surface of the pipe, which slides into the seal is fine processed and brushed in order not to damage the seal and achieves reliable sealing by sliding the tube.

Working conditions:

  • Installation:
    connecting to the standard flanges of pipeline,
  • Nominal sizes:
    DN 50 … DN 1000,
  • Nominal pressure:
    PN 10, PN 16 and PN 25,
  • Temperature:
    for the EPDM seal, -30°C … +140°C,
  • Operating fluid:
    water or other fluid not aggressive to carbon steel and EPDM.

Testing: Each piece of telescopic compensators at the end of the production is pressure-tested according to standard EN 12266-1, P10 and P11 (strength and tightness of the housing). The test fluid was water.

Materials: In the basic version flanges are of carbon steel and both pipes are standard pipes of non-alloy steel. Profile seal is made of high quality EPDM elastomers.

All surfaces of telescopic compensators are protected with a plastic coating layer, thick at least 250 microns.

On demand: Telescopic compensator can be made with connecting flanges according to some other standard or of stainless steel. Profile seal may be made of other types of elastomers with similar characteristics.

Telescopic compensators can be made in other lengths and fitted with length compensations which are larger than ± 50 mm.