Universal Thread Connection Type 03

Description: FEROPLAST UP03 universal thread connection is designed for application of the connector to consumer on the main pipeline. It is envisaged to be mounted on the tube of steel, gray iron and nodular cast iron or asbestos-cement pipes. The outlet connection is made with a parallel internal pipe thread Rp.

Tightening on the main pipe is performed by using self-tuning bolts and nuts which tighten belt holder tube. The body of the connector, as well as the seal that seals the connection with the pipe, is unique for all sizes of the connector. Band holder is chosen according to the diameter of the basic tubes.

Advantages of construction: The body of universal thread connection type 03 is made of high quality cast iron, with lug loads that have round recesses for support for tightening bolts. Supports in the recesses can easily adapt the position of bolts which best fits the diameter of the basic tubes. Sealing compound on place fits the tube into the body of the ferrule sealing ring of elastomer which is also a form-fitting tube. For the connection of the output tubes, the body is drawn into the drain in which parallel internal pipe thread Rp according to ISO 7-1 is etched. Space for the coil is sufficient for making the thread Rp2.

For tightening of the core tube, depending on the diameter of the pipe, a strip holder made of sheet metal, stainless steel is used and for a better fit on the surface of the tube, it is coated with an elastomer coating. Stainless steel screws with corresponding nuts are welded to a strap.

All surfaces of the valve body are protected by plastic coating.

Working conditions:

  • Installation:
    on pipe made of steel, cast iron and asbestos-cement,
  • Nominal sizes:
    mounting on pipes DN 80 … DN 500, output connection according to the table,
  • Nominal pressure:
    PN 10,
  • Temperature:
    according to the working conditions of the pipeline,
  • Operating fluid:
    potable or technical water, fire protection systems.

Testing: Testing of strength and impermeability of the body by hydrostatic pressure of 15 bar (1.5×PN).

Materials: In the basic version, the body of a universal threaded connection type 03 is made of cast iron, all surfaces are protected by electrostatic powder coating in a layer with a thickness of at least 250 microns. Sealing ring for the connection of pipes is made of EPDM elastomers. Belt holder is made of stainless steel and coated with a coating of elastomer EPDM. Bolting the quality A2-70. The semicircular supports are mechanically made of quality steel and protected by galvanization.

On demand: Output connection can be made with internal thread according to other standards, the size of the band holders can be for pipe diameters that are not listed in the table.


Basic dimensions dimensions in mm
DN Diameter
From – to
Standard pipe dimensions Connecting thread, Rp
Nodular cast iron
Steel 1 1 1/4 1 1/2 2
80 88 – 105 98 88,9 × × × ×
100 112 – 124 118 114,3 × × × ×
125 135 – 150 144 139,7 × × × ×
150 165 – 175 170 168,3 × × × ×
200 215 – 230 222 219,1 × × × ×
250 267 – 282 274 273,0 × × ×
300 320 – 335 326 323,9 × ×
350 352 – 382 378 355,6 ×
400 400 – 432 429 406,4 ×
450 450 – 485 480 457,0 ×
500 500 – 540 532 508,0 ×

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