Flap Valve

Description: FEROPLAST ZP – flap valve is produced as an irreversible reflective flap which works independently, without any drive. It is designed for mounting on the end of the tubular pipe or duct that drains water or other liquid. The main function is to prevent reverse flow of fluid in the pipeline in the event of flooding outputs. It also prevents the entry of other objects, mud and soil on which algae could sprout, as well as the entrance of small animals.

Advantages of construction: Flap valve is made of welded construction and all parts are made of high quality structural steel. In order to seal the cap, flat seal EPDM elastomer is built, with a long life and good characteristics over a wide temperature range. The cap opens easily even in the case of a low amount of fluid and in the case of a backflow is very well sealed. In the basic version flap valves are made with a mounting flange. The whole structure is resistant to external pressure corresponding to 10 m water column.

Working conditions:

  • Installation:
    tightening the bolts on the flange, dimensions according to the table,
  • Nominal sizes:
    DN 50 … DN 1200,
  • Temperature:
    for the EPDM seal, -30°C … +140°C,
  • Operating fluid:
    water or other fluid not aggressive to carbon steel and EPDM,
  • Mounting position:
    in a horizontal position, the shaft of the cap is on the top side.

Testing: Each flap valves is tested with the external pressure of 1.5 bars while the cap is closed.

Materials: In the basic version, the mounting flange and cover are made of carbon steel, tread is made of standard seamless tubes, while the flat seal is made of EPDM elastommers. The shaft cap is made of stainless steel and the whole structure is protected from corrosion inside and outside with a plastic coating layer thickness of at least 250 microns.

On demand: The flap valve can be made with other dimensions and other forms. Installation can be performed in a different way (for tubes, built onto the frame, or a special structure) instead with flange. On request, we can make a flap valve up to DN 2000.